Charlie Stayt’s brutal shutdown of Nadhim Zahawi was magnificent (more of this sort of thing, please)

It’s a common complaint that TV and radio interviewers aren’t ruthless enough with politicians, and when they are ruthless the politicians simply stop turning up.

So we’ll watch with interest the next time newly-installed education secretary Nadhim Zahawi turns up on BBC Breakfast after this fabulously straight-talking intervention by presenter Charlie Stayt.

“I’ll jump in, as I really don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Everything about it – from Stayt’s interruption to Zahawi’s response – is simply perfect.

Here’s a longer clip and – not unlike Dominic Raab’s struggle with the meaning of ‘misogyny’ on the same programme yesterday – it just gets better and better.

And @PeteTwynamUK did a considerable public service by doing this.

And here it is in full.

Best 5 seconds of breakfast TV since Piers Morgan walked off.

To conclude …


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