The Northern Powerhouse Rail debacle laid bare with brutal honesty

The row over what Boris Johnson did or didn’t promise about providing HS2 in the North of England may well be the thing that derails Tory polling numbers in so-called Red Wall areas.

The column inches on the claims and counter-claims could already reach from Manchester to Leeds and back, unlike any high-speed railway lines.

If you’d rather not trawl through that, then Larry and Paul can help. It’s Not Safe For Work.

“What he just said – but the opposite.”

YouTube gave it the thumbs up.

Right on it as usual Good Sirs! But please consider a health warning prior to the Johnson clip. Videos of him are nauseating no matter how short.
Tony McCake

Thanks guys for another brilliant briefing.

Adrian Rutterford

I give this a double thumbs up and a sneering nod. Great stuff.
Phillip Bayliss

Of course, when they posted it on Twitter, it got even more love.

Although Larry and Paul’s talent and hard work are responsible for the lion’s share of the sketch’s brilliance, there’s no doubt that the government inadvertently leant a helping hand.


Larry and Paul’s corrupt minister is the most hilariously brutal take on Tory sleaze

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