The Del Amitri singer’s 24 Hours on My Plate is a brilliant antidote to Orlando Bloom and Mark Wahlberg

You might remember the extraordinary daily routines of Orlando Bloom and – a little further back – Mark Wahlberg which went viral because they were just so out of this world (and very, very Hollywood).

Now Del Amitri singer and founding member Justin Currie has gone viral – if not quite so spectacularly – with his own ’24 hours on a plate’ from Waitrose Weekend which is the perfect antidote to all that ‘lost in showbiz stuff’.

And here it is again a bit closer up just in case that’s tricky to read.

And because you’re almost definitely wondering, here’s exactly what nutritionist Emma Williams made of that.

5/5, surely?


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Source Twitter @mrnickharvey Waitrose Weekend

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