Tim Burgess led the trolling of Nigel Farage’s US tour and it’s fabulous

You may – or may not – have noticed that Nigel Farage is off on a ‘comeback’ tour of the US.

Farage will take a break from wishing people happy birthday on Cameo to tour nearly a dozen American states in the hope of ‘energising grassroots activists’.

The good news is his tour has already attracted lots of attention, just not the sort he’d have been hoping for after lots of people – including Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess – noticed that the tickets to the event were free.

So they did this.

And people were only too happy to take him up on it.

And we loved the singer’s follow-up tweet as well.

He wasn’t the only one more than happy to publicise Farage’s US tour.

Great news, Nige. You’re a sell-out!


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Source Twitter @Tim_Burgess

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