This unusual photo of a dog is leaving people totally bamboozled

You might remember that photo a little while ago of four friends sharing a toast that really got people scratching their heads.

Well, we reckon this is almost – but not quite – up there with that. It’s four legs, not four drinks, this time, and an unusual picture of a dog that left people more than a bit confused.

‘Look closer,’ said Jrowe92 who shared it on Reddit. 

We were staring at it for far too long before we got it.

‘Dude, whats wrong with your…. thing?’ Slack76r

‘This is unsettling.’ LtGman

‘Uncanis valley for sure.’ NuevoPeru

‘It’s kinda creepy before realising …’ mooreepl

Just in case you still can’t see it …

‘Hint: The “eye” on the right is his nose and he is looking at you upside down.’ anon1984

‘Thank you. My brain was NOT getting this. LOL.’ Momniscient

‘It’s an ordinary dog tilting their head. the “eye” on the right is actually their nose.’ sin-and-love

‘Yeah took me awhile to figure out. Tilting my phone right helps seeing it.’ Slack76r

That’s the key, rotating your screen 90 degrees to the right.

To conclude …

‘First look: What is that monstrosity?!?
‘Finally seeing it properly: Aww! Cute dog!’

And this.

‘Dog head tilt is the new blue and black dress.’ StenosP


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Source Reddit u/Jrowe92

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