Boris Johnson’s latest cosplay as a 1970s Action Man advert is 19 seconds very well spent

As part of the support package for Ukraine, the UK is training some of its troops in combat techniques at a camp in Yorkshire.

The Downing Street Squatter took time out of his busy schedule of partying at Chequers and gossiping about Rishi Sunak to visit some of them – and joined in with their exercises*.

*played soldier for a photoshoot

Here’s how that looked.

People – other than Nadine Dorries and Marc Francois, presumably – weren’t impressed.

Funny tweeter The Jase captured the essence of Johnson with this perfect montage and overdub.

We’d strongly suggest staying out of reach of his gripping hands.

Pat Martin had a question.

He’s going to do that in the Downing Street flat before he leaves.

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Boris Johnson’s cringeworthy Top Gun cosplay earned him some top flight takedowns

Source @jasemonkey Image Screengrab