People shared their exhaustion gaffes after seeing how this very tired nurse tried to open his door

The beauty of the Ring e-doorbell (other brands are available) is that it captures those notable moments that would otherwise go unseen.

One such moment happened when this exhausted health worker got home and forgot where he was.

Ring explained –

‘Will is an Emergency Room Nurse Technician, and one day when he came home from a grueling night shift, he tried to open his door… with his hospital badge.’

They included a message from Will –

“This is the first, and only time that I have actually ever mistaken my Ring Doorbell for the hospital door,”

“I clicked on the notification from Ring, and was almost crying from laughing so hard,”

“I shared it with some of my friends that I worked with that night, they seemed to get a big kick out of it as well.”

“I know this is something that healthcare workers can relate to. A big shout out goes to my fellow healthcare workers for all of their hard work and dedication.”

We really feel for him – and are glad he managed to survive the car journey.

When it was shared on Reddit’s r/WatchPeoplDieInside, the comments were very supportive.

Felt this to my very tired depths of my soul.

That is someone who pulled a double where shit went down.

I just want to give this guy a hug.

Other Reddit users were inspired to share their own exhaustion stories.


A few years ago, I was so tired I answered the phone with “Thank you for calling best buy, this is Cakiepamy on a recorded line. How can I help you?”. I’ve never worked at a best buy and haven’t been to one in years.


Worked 24hr in the restaurant over 2 days, busiest period of the year – then went to teach (after school) at my second job. I yelled “DELIVERY UP” rather than “Set” to my students. Lol.


Makes me feel better about washing my hands with toothpaste this morning. Made the same face and all. Lmao.


I once got off a 17-hour shift and drove to my old house, parked in the driveway before I realized I hadn’t live there for 5 years… bad day. Ha!


I tried using my car keys on my door once, not the actual key, but I was hitting the unlock button over and over like a moron.


I once went mountain biking with some friends. We got lost, set out to do 7 miles, did closer to 15 when all said and done. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep at the red light two blocks from my apartment, lol.


Yesss, the times I’ve just walked into the subway turnstile without swiping and almost flipped over. Those were the real zombie days.


I was in college and got home one day for my internship and crashed immediately when I got home. I woke up at like 7:45 thinking I was late for work and drove there and my boss was still there for some reason. He didn’t say anything to me and I stayed there for an hour before I realized it was PM.


My work has automated faucets in the wash rooms. After pulling a double, I kept waving my hands under my faucet at home to get the water to come out.


Was so tired today, I went to go get more toilet paper for the bathroom and decided to look for it in my fridge.

A Redditor named u/Untimely_manners had this hair-raising tale.

I recall once after a night shift waking up in full uniform on my living room floor. I must have managed to get inside my house walked a few steps then just collapsed on the floor as I have no idea why I was sleeping there and not in my bed.

They might want to consult a medical professional about that.

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