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This family had a hilarious and viral response to being asked not to be weird when meeting a new boyfriend

TikToker Courtney Winters’ sister Keeley learnt the hard way that families can be very contrary. She made the big mistake of asking them not to do anything weird when she brought her new boyfriend, Joe, to meet them for the first time.

Watch what happened –


When your sister brings her boyfriend over for the first time and she tells us not to be “weird” 🙃

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Courtney’s video has gone deservedly viral, with TikTok users sharing A LOT of thoughts on the prank.

I would have kept driving and told him “ oh, looks like they’re not home”.

I cannot even describe to you how much I love this! GOLD!!! 😂😂😂

I thought there was gonna be a song and dance.

Wouldn’t had this video, Because I ain’t getting out the car.
James Andre Jefferson Jr

What my social anxiety thinks meeting people will be like.

If my family ever did this I would never bring him over again and there would absolutely no meeting each other ever.

This is legendary 😂
The Card Guy

It would have been funnier and more weird if they started chanting in a circle.
Kelsi Matthews

We considered this lmao !!!!!
Courtney Winters · Creator

A few people noticed a bit of a faux pas on the young man’s part.

It was a joke until he didn’t shake dad’s hand.

Shake the dad’s hand young man!!
Kellie Mansfield

Oop, didn’t shake dad’s hand 😳 (assuming that’s the dad)

Of course, there’s a good explanation for that.

He probably didn’t shake his hand because he felt awkward and out of place!! I wouldn’t be thinking straight either. Lol.

Despite the unconventional start to their relationship with Joe, it looks like it might have been the perfect ice-breaker. And yes – they’re still keeping it delightfully weird.


When your sister tells you not to be "weird" PART TWO!! Meet the family behind the weirdness…

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