An American’s bill for 5 minutes with a cardiologist had the rest of the world shaking its head

A Redditor named u/BlissedIgnorance probably sincerely wishes their name were a little more accurate, because that might mean they had never received the healthcare bill that drove them to post on r/AssholeDesign.

They commented –

“I know it’s harped on, but this is my bill for talking to a cardiologist for literally five minutes, three of which were spent talking about my job.

How does the US healthcare system get away with this? I can’t even begin to imagine more than five minutes.”

Brace yourselves.

The post has had more than 1,300 comments in a day, but we picked some of the best. The language gets a little NSFW at times.

Jesus wtf is wrong with your country?

How the fuck are all of you Americans not dead by now with your stupid for profit health scam system?

Recoils in European.

$740 – the amount your insurance company and doctor agree is made the fuck up.

There were more healthcare bill horror stories.

Last time I went to the doctor I had a horrible pain in my lower back and told them I thought it was a kidney stone. They checked me and said: yes, it is indeed a kidney stone. Go home take tylenol and wait it out. The visit cost me $2k.

Talking to my doctor for 15 minutes, on the phone, just to let him know that everything is going good, cost me $150 with insurance. $10/min, $600/hr apparently, to talk on the the phone with a doctor, with “insurance”. Cool beans.

My co-worker paid $1500 for 10 minutes inside an ambulance. She told me next time please call a Private Chopper or Limo instead.

A family member had a baby and they charged them $65,000 just to stay in the hospital due to complications during it. $65,000 JUST TO STAY IN THE ROOM. Worlds most expensive air BNB.

Reddit users from other countries compared their own medical costs.

In India it costs me $0.13 for a visit, including medicines for 1 week.

I live in Ontario, Canada.

Heart Attack:

ICU 4 days

Transport to Heart Inst

Double bypass

recovery unit 3 days

Multiple various Doctor’s visits

Cost $0.00

Prostate Cancer:

various Doctor’s visits and procedures

21 days Radiation treatment

Cost $0.00

Medications (and were/are there a lot of them

Cost $0.00

No paperwork needed other than showing your Health card.

All fixed as well as can be expected. Now back to downhill skiing and golfing at 70!

In Norway this would be 25$. And in one year it’s only possible to spend maximum 300$ on healthcare, everything after that is covered.

In Greece that’s how much home calls cost… For private doctors…

And meanwhile in Mexico, a family doctor just made a house visit and charged about 7.5 USD.

I’m sat in my daughters private room at hospital. She’s had 2 ECG’s, an X-ray, a VG scan and a leg ultrasound. And the private room for 2 nights. I’m in the UK and it’s not cost us anything.

Last 10 years I’ve visited doctors and hospitals several times for minor and bigger stuff.

I have only spend 40€ in this time due to the 10€ a day charge in hospital if you have to stay there.

How do you Americans get past 25 y/o?

This comment from u/brdzgt was about as relatable as it gets.

Every time I start to consider moving to the US I think about the “healthcare” system and just nope out.

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