Having a bad day? At least you didn’t score a hat-trick against your own team

New Zealand and Liverpool’s Meikayla Moore went down in footballing history on Sunday, in a way that she would much rather not have done.

As the defender took part in her team’s SheBelieves Cup fixture against the USA, she managed to hit the back of the net three times. New Zealand’s net.

One own goal is bad enough, but three in one match? One half, in fact. Here’s how it happened.

Under other circumstances, it would have been considered the perfect hat trick.

Perhaps an imperfect hat trick might be nearer the mark. She’ll never live it down.

BostonMike had a question.

We’d guess that’s a no.

In case you were wondering, it ended 5-0 to the US. She singlehandedly outscored the other team.


You surely won’t see a more glorious (or unexpected) own goal this season or any season

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