This man defending Rosie Holt’s fictional Tory MP just made the whole thing even better

You will probably already have seen Rosie Holt’s fabulous spoof of a ‘Tory MP’ who doesn’t know whether she attended the Downing Street party or not.

The video went wildly viral and it fooled no end of people including philosopher Anthony Grayling (“If you think you’ve heard politicians being politicians, you haven’t – until you hear this bald-faced emetic”), author Philip Pullman (“aghast”).

It also confused former UKIP leader Henry Bolton, who said this.

But very possibly better than all of these people is this response, which has just gone viral after it was shared by Rosie herself because it’s just so good.


You can follow @RosieisaHolt on Twitter here. And read her Observer interview in the wake of her latest fabulous video over here.


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Source Twitter @rosieisaholt