Rosie Holt perfectly skewered Boris Johnson’s BS and a former UKIP leader’s response made it even better

Boris Johnson was typically evasive when he was asked whether he did or didn’t attend Downing Street’s now notorious ‘bring your own booze’ gathering at the height of lockdown in May 2020.

As you may have seen already, he said he’d rather wait for the civil servant-led inquiry rather than, you know, actually answer the question. Smirking away while he did it, obviously.

And no-one skewered his characteristic BS better than Rosie Holt in this video of a Tory MP who doesn’t know whether she attended the Downing Street party or not. It’s just gone wildly viral because, well, watch.

And just when you were thinking it couldn’t possibly get any better, it caught the attention of former UKIP leader Henry Bolton – you remember – who said this.

Oh dear indeed.

Although at the risk of being fair to Bolton, he wasn’t the only person to make the mistake because it was just so good.

Well, the dividing line between reality and satire can be harder to spot these days. Just ask Michael Fabricant.

We’re with Simon Schama.

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