People loved this brutal takedown of a boss’s rubbish pay rise offer

In today’s episode of outrageous bosses being given exactly the treatment they deserved comes this, a rather fabulous exchange which has just gone viral on Reddit.

It was shared by JazetaJuliet who said: ‘Capitalists have too much of two things: wealth and audacity.’

And it’s a very satisfying read.

And it had people applauding all over Reddit.

Here are our favourite things people said about it (with occasional responses from the original poster, JazetaJuliet).

‘I love how you told him you’d be getting around $28/hr, in a location you would rather be in, and his best counter-offer was $20/hr and weird negging.’

‘I showed the conversation to my friends and every one of them always laughed at that part. It wasn’t even a negotiation at that point, it was just pathetic.’

‘I hope you also forwarded it to your ex-coworkers so they can negotiate raises.’

‘Nice ending: “how about i match that offer with ~70% of the wage, half of the signing bonus, an insult, and poorer social prospects?”

‘Wow! What a steal!’

‘Keep upping your offer. “now I need quadruple wages and a 3000 sign on bonus plus one month paid time off. I will also need to send you an invoice for the time you just wasted”

‘I honestly did this to fuck with him because I wasn’t planning on sticking around for reasons listed in the texts. He was a jerk during the staff meeting we had, so I wasn’t too interested lol.’


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Source Reddit u/JazetaJuliet