Matt Hancock’s ‘£100,000 book deal’ went the same way as his UN job

Matt Hancock may be out of the government, but he’s having a harder time staying out of the limelight.

In August, he was mobbed by teen girls on a train.

Last month, after announcing he would be taking up a position as a Special Representative with the UN, the job evaporated before he’d even been given the code to the executive toilet.

Then, over the weekend, the Mail reported that he had been approached by publisher HarperCollins to write a book entitled How I Won the Covid War, allegedly pocketing a £100,000 advance in the process.

A ‘well-placed source’ apparently told the Mail –

‘Matt paints a picture of a man burning the midnight oil night after night, staying cool under fire, saving the NHS and rising above petty Downing Street squabbles.’

As book announcements go, it wasn’t the most well received.

Tom Neenan had this simple wish.

As if by magic –