Is Matt Hancock getting mobbed by teenage girls on the Tube the new Milifandom?

Matt Hancock may have fallen out of favour with the government, his wife and people who prefer the country’s PPE to come from expert manufacturers, rather than the (former) Health Secretary’s chums, but it seems that he’s a hit with *checks notes* gangs of young women on the Tube.

A TikToker named Georgia Lewis recently spotted the disgraced minister on the District Line, although she didn’t recognise him at first.

This is what happened.


We meet the man himself, Matt Hancock 🤣we h*erased the poor man ##matthancock ##london

♬ original sound – Georgia rose x

The hat theft was caught on camera, and he didn’t seem too bothered.


Matt Hancock getting his hat stolen on the district line ##london ##matthancock ##covid ##fyp

♬ Freaks – Surf Curse

The teens clearly loved the encounter, and we have to wonder whether a new unlikely political fanclub is in the offing. Milifandom wouldn’t fit for this one, but there’s always Matt Fancock. Maybe not. The spoonerism alone makes it too risky.

Of course, it found its way onto Twitter.

Some people worried that the scene felt familiar.

But there seemed to be a notable difference.

This is what other people had to say about the cheating politician’s train shenanigans.

The interaction was, perhaps, perfectly summed up by Andrew Gentry.


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