The judge in a far-right murder case has Trump’s rally song as his ringtone

The trial of Trump fanboy Kyle Rittenhouse, who was caught on film shooting three people at the protests in Kenosha last year, has been something of a three-ring circus.

The judge, Bruce Schroeder, ruled against the prosecution team referring to the dead as ‘victims’, as well as barring them from mentioning the accused’s white supremacist links.

He also showed just how seriously he takes his role by *checks notes* reading a cookie catalogue during proceedings.

There was a brief recess on Wednesday, to allow the 18-year-old defendant to stop pretending to cry crying.

Also on Wednesday, the judge forgot to switch off his phone, resulting in this embarrassing and somewhat alarming incident.

Trump and his camp all offered arguments in support of Rittenhouse after the shootings, leaving major questions about the judge’s impartiality – and his, erm, judgement.

This would explain a lot.


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