Stick this comeback on a card to hand out to anti-vaxxers

Time now for the latest in an occasional series, anti-vaxxer comeback of the week, which goes to this gem shared by Redditor beerbellybegone who said: ‘Same same, but different.’

No more questions, your honour!

‘I agree, it’s unfair that unvaccinated people are being excluded. I think there should be some way for unvaccinated people to quickly and easily become vaccinated for free so this won’t happen anymore. Ah well, maybe someday …’

‘A better analogy would be a drivers license. You need to get one for public safety. It does exclude people, but for the common good.’

‘It’s never an honest question when the question starts with, “Honest question here.”

‘At least being under 21 years of age isn’t a choice. Being unvaccinated* is.

* Yes I know some people have legit medical reasons for not getting vaccinated, I’m not mad at them as they already go to great lengths to protect themselves.’


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone