Most entertaining (and unexpected) penalty you’ll see this season

Still early days into the new football season, obviously, but if you see a more entertaining or unexpected penalty then we’d like to see it.

Its’s Yeovil’s Tom Knowles stepping up in the penalty shootout after his side drew 1-1 after extra time in their FA Cup qualifier against Weymouth.

The clip was posted by @Jimmer84 over on Twitter and, well, best have a watch for yourself. Wait for it, wait for it …

Oof. We hope he’s feeling alright (and by the looks of that reaction, he was totally in on the moment).

Fortunately for Tom Knowles it didn’t affect the result, Yeovil finally going through 2-1 on penalties. Let’s hope he gets to take another in the next round.

And talking of penalty kicks …


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Source Twitter @Jimmer84