People are buzzing at how this drunken man joined the search party that was hunting for him

A 50-year-old Turkish man was swept up in a real-life comedy-drama, earlier this week, when he spotted a frantic search party in progress in a heavily wooded area of Bursa, on his way home from a pretty hefty drinking session.

Beyhan Mutlu, being community minded, decided to help the searchers, which he definitely did, when he heard them shout the name of the missing person – Beyhan Mutlu.

According to the BBC report, Mr Mutlu made himself known to the rescue party, adding

“Don’t punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me.”

Presumably, his father grounded him and banned him from using the Playstation for a week, although the police also fined him – so he’s probably learnt a lesson about something or other twice over.

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Amy Hockert was not wrong about this.

It isn’t a unique case.

In 2012, an Icelandic tourist in the country’s Eldgja Canyon area freshened up with a change of clothes during a scheduled stop, only to return to a search for a missing person.

She helped out with the increasingly desperate search for hours, seeing a rescue helicopter and other vehicles scrambled, before realising she was the person in question. None of her fellow passengers recognised her in the new outfit.


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Source BBC News Image Thom Masat on Unsplash