This entitled bride’s mounting fury at her no-show friends just gets better and better

You surely won’t see a more jaw-dropping bridezilla this week.

It’s a bride-to-be who ‘at the risk of sounding entitled’ just ‘has to vent’. But precisely how entitled does she sound? This much.

It’s the payoff about the gift list that really gets us. Fabulous.

It was shared by Redditor MrsKurtz who said: ‘She sounds nice.’ Here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Spending money on their Thai Wedding – $3K

‘Spending money on their Hawaii Wedding – $2K

‘Spending money on their expected wedding gift – $1K

‘Getting deleted off their Facebook Friend list – Priceless.’

‘Reminds me of a friend of my wife’s. She wanted people to pay to attend, not to get there, but to attend. Mandatory $500 donation for each person who attends, $1,000 if you were in the wedding party.’

“I want you to be my maid of honor….”

“Oh thank you. I would be honored!”

“Thank you so much! That’ll be $1000.”

“What the fu….!?”

Seriously. How to people think that’s even remotely ok or proper?

‘It’s amazing they don’t asphyxiate on methane gas with their head being that far up their own ass.’

‘How did 11 people like her post? That’s more people than RSVPed.’



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Source Reddit u/MrsKurtz