This teacher’s takedown of a student’s note after missing class is A++

Early contender for takedown of the week comes this, an exchange between a student and their teacher which went viral because it’s just so good.

It’s a request from a student who was unable to attend a lesson and wanted to know what they missed, and their teacher’s response was top of the class.

‘Prof had enough,’ said Redditor ree0382 who shared it.

And just in case it’s tricky to read, here it is again.

Hey I’m sorry for missing class today. One of my friends just had foot surgery so I was taking care of her. Did I miss anything important?

Dear Student

You have just broken all the rules of emailing a professor. You did not identify which of my 120 students you are, you did not state in which of the three class subjects I am currently teaching you are enrolled, you did not identify the specific class of the five sections I am teaching, you did not give a proper and respectful greeting, and you asked me not just what was missed (which is on the syllabus, the Moodle page, and the class daily schedule) but insinuated that anything that as being taught would not be important.


They presumably won’t be doing that again (although, to be fair, the professor could have scored even higher if they’d wished their friend well).

And here’s the lesson everyone took away from that.

‘This is why you exchange phone numbers on the first day of class with a classmate who is a good note taker.’

And also this …

‘Pretty sure I speak on behalf of anyone 30+ when I say my first thought was: wtf is a moodle?’

That’s your homework for next week.


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Source Reddit u/ree0382