A defence-themed website had the comeback of the week in the war on disinformation

With conflicting reports coming from different factions inside Afghanistan, following the withdrawal of US and UK forces, it’s really important to apply critical thinking to anything you read about it online.

A defence website from the UK illustrated one of the pitfalls.

It seems some pieces of disinformation are easier to spot than others. For most people.

UK Defence Journal addressed the question head on.

That’s a direct hit on target, we’d say.

It ended up on Reddit’s r/MurderedByWords forum – which seems apt.

As u/Veilchengerd commented, perhaps it’s a different Wales.

The little known Afghan province of Wales, with its capital Mazar-i-Cardiff.

Near Kandaharfon.


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Source UK Defence Journal Image UK Defence Journal, karatara on Unsplash