This dog’s ‘attempt to be carried’ is cute and very funny

Early contender for funny dog video of the week comes this, shared by DrugInducedBeard over on Reddit.

It’s a cute little dog that really, really wants to be carried and his next level efforts to get his way are very funny and totally adorable.

Unfortunately it’s so funny we’re not sure he’s ever going to get his wish.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘I love this dog 😂 so much personality.’

‘His little crash-landing! How could you resist that cuteness?’

‘Cutest manipulation ever!’


Except it turned out the clip wasn’t all that it seemed.

‘Hi everyone, looks like Buoy is making the rounds again!! This is our dog @adventuresofbuoy (on insta). To answer/address common concerns:

– He didn’t want to be picked up. He liked the scratchy cool gravel on his belly. We tried to pick him up several times after this and he squirmed and whined until we put him down.
– This was the beginning of our walk. He’s not tired.
– He doesn’t have heart failure or myasthenia gravis or joint issues or whatever armchair-vet diagnosis you’re worried about
– He’s 3 months old in this video
– It was rainy/cloudy and ~70°f, he wasn’t hot.’

And you can follow @adventuresofbuoy on Instagram here.


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Source Reddit u/DrugInducedBeard

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