The joyous payoff to this ‘impossible to open’ jar is an all-time classic

There’s a subReddit called ‘unexpected’ which, as the name suggests, contains all sorts of unexpected plot twists and this is one of the very best.

This jar looks pretty tough to open and a whole succession of men do their best to crack it. And then … and then, this happened.

Never tire of watching that.

And here are just some of the many, many things people were saying about it over on Reddit.

‘She was waiting for her chance to shine & SHINE she did!!!’

And she walked away without looking back, like Hollywood does with explosions.

‘She proved that working smart always trumps working hard.’

‘I was waiting for the jar to break.’

‘I love how opening a jar was so eventful, they had to record it.’


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Source Reddit u/BrianPotato2005

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