This Fox News ‘gotcha’ ended up a glorious self-own and it’s perfect

This fabulous exchange on Fox News has just gone viral on Reddit, a wannabe ‘gotcha’ moment that ended up the perfect self-own.

It’s Fox News host Bret Baier talking to Joe Biden’s transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg last month about why Elon Musk wasn’t invited to a White House event.

Baier appeared to have a theory, but it turned out whoever came up with it hadn’t quite thought it through.

You can watch the whole exchange here.

And just three of the things people were saying about it.

‘LOL, I bet the fox guy was thinking “got em”, then he was destroyed.’

‘That was a no joke classy as f*ck response to an accusatory and poorly researched question.’

‘Next on Fox News, we ask why isn’t big oil being invited to a conference on renewable energy. The answer will shock you.’


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