What could go wrong now that meetings are back in the office?

Now that many people are leaving the comfort of their sofas and Zoom calls for the daily commute and *shudders* in-person meetings, there are bound to be some teething troubles.

Foil Arms and Hog have imagined what some of them might be.

YouTube users metaphorically nodded along, while YouTube itself had this comment –

“This is WAY too accurate 💀”

It seemed to be the consensus.

Every single company should have this playing on a loop as an instructional video for “How not to do meetings now that we’re all back face-to-face” and it should be playing on those huge TVs that are in corporate reception areas! 😆😆😆😆

“Cats do not belong in the workplace!”
“But he’s got used to dropping in every week, this is his favourite meeting!”

Melanie Tasker

This is what I’m afraid of when going back to in person meetings in October. I feel like I have lost all my social skills. Great sketch as usual!
tanja be

We’re not sure this has anything to do with lockdown.

I felt that “we’re stuck here until five” in my bones.

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“Black market lockdown haircut” is hilarious and very very relatable

Source Foil Arms and Hog Image Screengrab

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