“Black market lockdown haircut” is hilarious and very very relatable

Irish comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog have imagined what it might be like to try and get a decent haircut these days, with salons left off any lists of loosened lockdown rules.

We think they’ve nailed it – watch this and see what we mean.

YouTube users were rightly impressed.

The way these fellas use the fact that they can only use individual cameras genius

Reasons why the police are knocking at Hog’s door:
1. They want some Krispy Kreme donuts
2. They also want a hug from Foil
3. They heard Hog likes the recorder, and that’s a crime, lockdown or no lockdown

Aisling Torrallardona-Murphy

A hug for a haircut, jesus that’s extortionate now.
Hope he’s not expecting a tip as well…

Cloud [2512]

NeverTrustADuck played along …

This is no joke, my granny is now a fugitive. She broke lockdown to get her hair done. Haven’t seen her in 5 weeks and last I heard was that the police have set up road blocks. At least in her mugshots she’ll have nice hair!

The fool – nice hair is just evidence for the prosecution.


When the parents take self-isolation a bit too literally

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