George Carlin’s stand-up routine on anti-abortionists has just gone viral and it’s as relevant as ever

The late, great George Carlin has just gone viral on Twitter with a 25-year-old routine on anti-abortionists which sadly feels just as relevant now, perhaps even more so, than it did back then.

Carlin, who died in 2008 aged 71, was a fearless stand-up and satirist whose most famous routine led to a key US Supreme Court ruling on obscenity.

This routine on anti-abortionists from 1996 has been watched nearly 3 million times in the wake of the new anti-abortion laws introduced in Texas which the Supreme Court chose not to vote against last week.

It’s from his HBO special Back in Town and was shared on Twitter by @DonLew87.

And just a few of the things people were saying about it.

And it took us back to White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s shutdown of a male reporter’s abortion question last week.


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