This dog’s ‘there’s nothing to see here’ expression is just fabulous

Early contender for funny dog video of the week is this, a video of a dog which may – or may not – have something in its mouth (of course it’s got something in its mouth).

And the ‘nothing suspicious round here’ expression is simply hilarious.

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7 million views can’t be wrong. Here are just a few of the things people said about it after the TikTok clip also went viral on Reddit.

‘Love his look like nothing suspicious round here.’

‘Imagine having to act natural while a cicaida bugs out on your tongue.’

‘I though it was one of those screaming frogs before it came out.’

‘Ah cicadas, the best at doing absolutely nothing and making as much noise as physically possible.’

‘It must be felt nice for him lol.’

‘I like how he drops it and then looks back a few times like he was saying bye.’

One for Harry Potter fans here.

‘He’s caught the golden snitch, 150 points to gryffindor.’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘Cicadas are safe for dogs to eat (every once in a while). I would’ve let mine have it cuz f–k their obnoxious buzzing.’


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Source TikTok @sassafras_007

Reddit u/thraxxx-

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