This very friendly raccoon doesn’t want to be left alone and it’s hilarious and totally adorable

If you only watch one video of a raccoon this week – what are the chances of watching more than one? – then make it this one

It’s a clip shared by Pedrica1 over on Reddit of a very friendly raccoon which just didn’t want to be left behind and it’s 60 seconds very well spent.

Very funny and totally adorable.

And here are just a few of the many comments it prompted.

‘This raccoon likes this man more than my cat likes me.’

‘I’m trying to figure out what this man’s job title is and the only thing I can come up with is “Man”.’

‘There are tiny paw prints set in the concrete of my apartment’s parking lot. I want to believe their origin is from a situation like this.’

‘The cutest is the jump to him having a collar.’

‘I can’t get my cat to wear a collar, but this damn raccoon is fine with it? How does that work?’

‘”One day I’m gonna grow up to be like dad!” – this little guy.’

‘Raccoon is going into welding, already has their own mask.


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Source Reddit u/Pedrica1

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