‘TV Detective who doesn’t know street names’ is hilarious and oddly relatable

Why is it that when police are in pursuit of a suspect in films and TV, they always seem to know in which direction the perp – see, we know cop slang – is escaping? Do their badges contain compasses? Have they taken The Knowledge? We may never know.

Thanks to comedian Tom Lawrinson, however, we now know what it would be like if one of them was a little more sketchy on their local geography – and it’s 33 seconds very well spent.


TV Detective who doesn’t know street names ##comedy ##detective ##lineofduty ##edinburgh

♬ original sound – tom.lawrinson

That definitely didn’t narrow down the location of the bridge, if experience has taught us anything.

This is what Tom’s TikTok fans had to say about it.

Tom shared his sketch on Twitter where it got the thumbs up all over again.

More important, perhaps, than the north/south mystery –

via Gfycat

As a bonus, here’s his impression of a know-all parent, and it’s almost too believable.


Parent who is sick of teachers ##comedy ##teachers ##school ##useless

♬ original sound – tom.lawrinson

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