This guy didn’t want a woman repairing his car and the slow burn karma is simply delicious

This fabulous tale of a guy who took his car in to be repaired but refused to let a woman mechanic work on it has just gone viral on Reddit and it’s a supremely satisfying read.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

And here are our four favourite things people said about it.

‘HE can’t fix his car, how the hell can he determine who can? Don’t pay an expert and try and second guess them.’

‘He couldn’t see beyond the massive knob hanging off his forehead.’

‘In all of my 65 years on this earth I have never understood this kind of stupidity. This whole crap idea that any job is gender related has held the world back for centuries. I don’t care who works on something as long as they fix it. Their gender, race, religion, color are all unimportant for getting the job done. I am sooooo tired of stupid bigoted people.’

‘A mechanic is a mechanic. I don’t care about gender, I just want it done right. I’m sorry you have to deal with that shit.’


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