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This bizarre American chicken and pasta dish is giving people feelings – not good ones

The US and the UK may well be two countries separated by a common language, according to Mr George Bernard Shaw, but it often seems that the divide is even larger between the two nations’ cuisines.

A TikTok of a particularly over-the-top Las Vegas chicken dish has gone viral, driven by people’s horror and disbelief.


"The one with the Cornish Game Hen on it" FILL-A-BUSTER! ##amano ##amanolasvegas ##lasvegas ##MakingTheCut ##vegastiktok ##SummerMashup

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What just happened? We never want to see anyone eat one of these – it would be more than our stomachs could bear.

As one TikTok user commented,

“That looks digested already.”

The @LasVegasLocally Twitter account shared it, revealing the apt name – The Fat Baby.

Here are a few of the best reactions.

But today’s zinger prize goes to …


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