This viral TikTok shows how to guarantee the shortest date in history

A TikToker named ‘javs’ has shared a very short clip of the thing that made her give up on a date before it had even got going.


Men can’t live with them can live without them good thing I didn’t waste time getting ready lolz ##men ##fyp ##foryoupage ##parati ##foryou ##pourtoi ##joke

♬ Leave Get Out x JoJo x DB99 – Samoan Prince 🇼🇸

Now, it might be play-acting, but we get the point. Keep your ‘straight males are marginalised’ takes to yourself or save them for the ‘Poor Me – Whiny Baby’ Facebook Group meet-up.

Whether it was real or staged, it certainly split the room.

Some people were on the side of Mr. Marginalised.

Others – well, not so much.

There was also this follow-up comment from javs, in response to those criticising her for leaving a date over that comment.

That’s the bottom line.


This ‘honest dating advice’ went viral because people loved it so much

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