‘Woman simply explains why taking the knee is bad but tweeting you condemn racism is good’ – parody

If you haven’t spotted the work of actor and satirist Rosie Holt before, now is the perfect time to put that right. As well as her stage work as an actor and stand-up comedian, she has been lighting up our Twitter timeline with her jokes and comedy sketches.

Her very funny bigot, who likes to share her views in patronising lecture form, is so good that she is often mistaken for a real person.

Here she is with a characteristically forthright opinion on the NHS.

Being a satirist, Rosie’s finger is always on the pulse. This short, brutal and very funny sketch about the controversy surrounding MPs who have criticised footballers for taking the knee, but condemned racism against them, is perfectly timed.

‘Now, can you take a picture of me, cheering while watching the Olympics?’

You’ll remember this when the inevitable Downing Street photo dump of the Olympics happens.

Tweeters gave Rosie’s sketch the love it so richly deserves.

Far be it from us to name any names, but Steve Peers has had a good guess.

You can follow Rosie on Instagram, as well as Twitter, if that’s more your sort of thing.


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