Have you spotted – or been – one of these different types of parents at the park?

There are hundreds – in fact hundreds of thousands – of books about parenting styles, but the very funny Jimmy Rees has boiled it down to seven categories – plus the parent-once-removed, the grandparent.

If you don’t recognise any of those, you probably are one.

Let’s take a little look.

“Let’s be friends”

The Videographer

The Helicopter

The Incognito

The Kidult

The Apologiser

Jason’s Parents

Last but not least –

Here are just a few of the many comments left by YouTube users.

Belle Harris

I try hard to be an incognito but the “I wanna be friends” ALWAYS finds me.

Annie Lippo

Somehow, I’m the helicopter & the apologizer combined 😂


Oh God.. When I take all mine to the park, I’m almost all of these! I gotta apologise for one of them, I’ve gotta scream at the non-listener, I sit with the other incognito parents and helicopter because I hate germs and sand!

We have just two words – ‘Poor Jason!’


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