Simply 13 of the funniest fails from the first week of GB News

If this week has been about one thing, it’s been about GB News.

Andrew Neil’s new ‘anti-woke’ TV channel has got the whole country talking, just not in ways it presumably would have been hoping for.

And just in case you missed any of them, here are 13 of the funniest fails so far.

1. When they said Enid Blyton created the Magnificent Seven

2. This NSFW introduction to the weather

3. When presenter Mercy Muroki confused coronavirus with a computer virus

4. Mike Hunt!

5. Epic picture fail

6. Mike Oxlong!

7. This interview didn’t go entirely to plan

8. Cleo Torez!

9. When this comedian bared his bum

(and here’s that moment in full)

10. Always remember to address the person you’re talking to

11. Close but no cigar

12. Ever feel like someone’s watching you?

13. Oh, the irony

And finally, this made all those funny names even better.

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