‘The 8-year-olds are forming gangs. I think I want to join this one’

A fascinating glimpse into ‘gang culture’ in children as young as eight. Eight!

But step down, Daily Mail, because this is just brilliant, a picture shared by Redditor airwalker08 who said: ‘I found this with my 8 y/o’s stuff. I think the second graders are forming gangs. I kind of want to join this one.’

Can we be in the Meatball Kingdom please?

‘Not gonna lie. The Meatball Kingdom sounds badass.’

“I am loyal and I will respect other meatballs”. This kid is going places.’

‘Going? Kid is already King of the Meatballs and in second grade, no less.’

This is a legally binding contract to the meatball Kingdom.
Take this seriously.

‘Meatball Kingdom later becomes the Meatloaf Empire once the kid gets into his 20s.’


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Source Reddit u/airwalker08

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