‘How rare is your body?’ 20 interesting and occasionally very unusual things that you may – or may not – have

Over on TikTok someone called @knowledgesaurus has created a whole series of videos called ‘How Rare Are You?’

It’s all about the interesting and occasionally very unusual things which only some of our bodies have. And the more you read about them, the more you want to read.

It was highlighted by the good people of BoredPanda and here are our 20 favourites.


25% of people sneeze when they’re exposed to direct sunlight (the photic sneeze reflex).


30% of people can flare their nostrils on command. However that muscle has very little use and is usually weak, so many people can’t do it.


Less than 1% of people have this small little hole right on their ear. Some evolutionary biologists claim this used to be a gill.


Only 1% of people are ambidextrous with no preference for the use of right or left hand.


5% of people have amber eyes – golden or coppery with flakes of gold, green or brown.


Only 12% of people have tetrachromacy – the ability to see a lot more colors than the majority of people. They can see about 10 times as many shades and colours than is typical.


24% of people can raise one eyebrow (you can also learn to do this if you’re more patient than we are).


Less than 1% of people can hear colors or see sounds (synesthesia).


10% of people have something called Morton’s toe (when your big toe is shorter than the one next to it).


35% of people have no wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth used to serve a purpose but now they no longer do, which is why we take them out to avoid any chance of infection.


2% of people naturally have red hair. In order to have a child with this hair color, both parents need to possess the gene. Not in the world of advertising though – one study found that 30% of ads have people with red hair in them.


Only 33% of people can whistle.


4% of people have Raynaud’s syndrome, when a part of your body, usually your fingers or toes, starts to turn white when exposed to low temperatures.


Less than 1% of people are born with a white patch of hair. Poliosis is caused by the lack of pigment called melanin.


Only 10% of people have Darwin’s tubercle – the little bump on the outside of your ear.


1% of people need less sleep than the rest of us. Sleeper Syndrome allows them to go through a sleep cycle faster than average.


Less than 1% of people have ‘unbreakable bones’. This is caused by a mutation in one of the genes that causes the bones to be up to 8 times denser.


20% of people have a gap between their two front teeth, normally caused by a discrepancy between jaw size and the teeth.


Only 25% of people have dimples. You can have either two, or just one. They are also hereditary.


1% of people have a double row of eyelashes.

You can find lots more of this sort of thing courtesy of @knowledgesaurus over on TikTok and on YouTube here.


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Source TikTok @knowledgesaurus H/T BoredPanda