The media calling Carrie Johnson “First Lady” has gone down as well as you’d expect

With the wedding ring now firmly on her finger, Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie is now officially Mrs. Johnson.

She can forget about wedding planning and focus on the important things, like choosing wallpaper to replace the stuff that’s falling off the walls of their Downing Street flat.

She’ll also be expected to attend functions with the PM, pressing the flesh or doing the Birdy Dance, or whatever passes for polite engagement during a pandemic.

The reports surrounding her first such engagement have made people’s hackles rise.

Boris Johnson may have modelled his recent incarnation on Donald Trump, but the UK doesn’t recognise the position of First Lady – or gentleman – for the PM’s spouse.

These reactions have it covered.






Carrie Johnson’s position in the parade of Johnson wives came up once or twice, but this said it best.

Perhaps we’d be better off with the First Cat – or should that be ‘furst’?


Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds had a secret wedding and Twitter threw shade, not confetti

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