A Fox News guest made a Donald Trump joke and it didn’t go down well

Here’s one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen on Fox News, and it’s not often we say that.

It’s a discussion about the latest coronavirus guidelines in the US and the so-called ‘mixed messaging’ going on that was highlighted by presenter Harris Faulkner and pundit Guy Benson.

Strategist and ‘communicator at large’ Marjorie Clifton begged to differ, however, and her attempt to inject a little levity into proceedings didn’t go down well. At all.

We’ve skipped to the best bit, but for the full context it’s worth watching in full.

‘[There should be] more facts, less policy. Just tell us what they are.’

‘Like drinking bleach?’

‘Not funny.’

Well, at the risk of more mixed messaging, we enjoyed it.

And here’s what @marjorieclifton had to say about it later in response to people’s comments on Twitter.


Rarely has the difference between Britons and Americans been captured quite so well as this

Source YouTube H/T HuffPost