‘The Guy Who Decides Imperial Measurements’ hilariously explains the crazy system

The brilliant Jimmy Rees has turned his attention to the absolute binfire that is imperial measurements.

His perma-drunken character of the guy who decides stuff torments the long-suffering Jason with the deeply illogical system, and it’s just glorious.

We’re with this person.


I’m so lucky to live in a country with the metric system!

This comment nailed it.


Imperial: When I need to remember the number of feet in a mile I think “five tomatoes” and I remember it’s 5,280.

Metric: When I need to remember how many metres in a kilometre, I think 1,000 because our measuring system wasn’t invented by drunk mathematicians playing with dice.

YouTube user, Brendan Owen, had a suggestion.

“This video would make a great maths lesson at school.”

It’s a lot funnier than Pythagoras’ theorem.


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