The kid behind this trick to get out of Zoom lessons might be a genius – or an idiot

Over on Reddit’s r/Lifehacks forum, u/esberat has shared a screenshot of an attempt to dodge a Zoom lesson.

They would have got away with it too, if it weren’t for that pesky spelling.

Redditors were still impressed.


Hey, attending meetings on zoom without participating is a vital life skill now. He’s practicing for a career in the corporate field.


I feel like if the IT Crowd was to have current episodes this would’ve been something they did on the show.


He’s got upper middle management written into his future. Godspeed ingenious slacker.

In a moment of beautiful irony, one Redditor called out the spelling mistake.

As u/owlphanumeric rightly said –

“The spelling cop karma here is beautiful.”


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Source r/Lifehacks Image r/Lucas Law on Unsplash

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