‘You all know the Walk of Shame, but have you seen the Walk Of Pride?’

This is fifty kinds of fabulous, a video shared b ‘You’ve all know Walk of Shame, but have you seen Walk Of Pride?’ said SugaanthMohan over on Reddit.

Fellow Redditor TheLastNoteOfFreedom had another phrase for it: ‘Stride of Pride.’

Except as these people pointed out, there is also a serious (but mostly harmless) cause behind it.

‘The cat has cerebral hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that affects their balance and movement. It’s not uncommon, and it’s also mostly harmless. By now, you should probably realize that when you see “weird” animal behavior in videos, there is usually something actually “weird” about the animal.’

‘Came here for this. The “nose boop” motion it’s doing looks like an intention tremor and the high stepping gait is common for CH. The cerebellum controls fine motor skills, so these cats show exaggerated movements.
In 99% of cats, it’s totally harmless (I have seen 1 cat who was severely affected and had to be euthanized).
Source: Am a veterinarian.’


This dog’s furious stomp off (and comedy stumble) is hilarious and totally adorable

Source Reddit u/SugaanthMohan YouTube

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