This amazing video of a dog rescuing another dog is an emotional rollercoaster

This video of a dog rescuing another dog from a swimming pool wen wildly viral today for reasons which are about to become obvious.

The scene was captured by security cameras after one of the dogs fell into the pool.

But never fear, help was at hand. But it wasn’t straightforward.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it after it was shared by mynameisgabsmith12 on Reddit.

‘Holy f-ck! I had so much anxiety watching that dog struggle. What a legend of a pupper.’ TheJuiceIsLooser

‘Love that little nonchalant shake at the end, “didn’t really need your help though..” turtleneckless001

‘Phew, that was close. shakes Wanna play catch?’ Arachno-Communism

‘Throws the ball into the pool.’ Wrextor

Also – and most importantly – don’t leave your pets in situations where this of thing can happen.


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Source Reddit u/mynameisgabsmith12 Twitter @RexChapman @buitengebieden_

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