‘What is socially acceptable in the US but not in the UK?’ – 40 favourite differences

It turns out it’s not just a common language that divides the United Kingdom and the United States.

We only say this after Redditor TownImmediate9060 had a question for everyone.

‘What is socially acceptable in the US but not in the UK?’

And the responses came pouring in.

Here our favourites, things that are socially acceptable in the US but not in the UK. Hilarious and totally on-point.

1. ‘When somebody says you should come to their house sometime, actually going by their house sometime.’ Overall_Dependent_43

2. ‘Saying someone has a lot of spunk.’ Sociolinguisticians

3. ‘Chatting casually at the lift.’ Maleficent_Chance

4. ‘Over here saying something is “quite good” means it’s “not bad”. In the US it’s closer to “very good”.’ 0ldAndGrumpy

5. “Taking food home from a restaurant. You scavenge your next meal from the leftovers of your current one? Ask a British restaurant for a box to take your meal home, and you’ll get a look that says you’re difficult and a penny-pinching arse.” RJnumberthree

6. ‘Addressing a stranger as ‘Sir’.’ UnsaddledZigadenus

7. “Bum bag”, not “fanny pack”.’ VapoursAndSpleen

8. ‘When someone says, ‘make yourself at home’ actually making yourself at home.’ Simple_Boysenberry17

9. ‘Naming your child Randy.’ AmigoDelDiabla

10. ‘Anything taking over an hour to get to being a “short trip” Drakeskulled_Reaper

11. ‘When my Brit friends were visiting, they were horrified when the waiter took their credit card to swipe back at the terminal. This made them REALLY uncomfortable.’ cn45

12. ‘Looking around someone’s house and complimenting things.’ Caladan109

13. ‘The fact that the 2nd floor in the US is the 1st floor in the UK. Really confusing the first time I went in an elevator in the UK.’ gzr4dr

14. ‘As I found out is done in another thread the other day “eating sandwiches without butter on the bread” being from the UK this horrifies me.’ TrickedintoStuff

15. ‘Iced tea.’ heatherista2

16. ‘High fructose corn syrup.’ itssteveninnit

17. ‘Making tea in a microwave.’ fantsukissa

18. ‘Gaps in bathroom stalls.’ 8xxx5

19. ‘An $800, four-block ambulance ride.’ jeff_the_nurse

20. ‘Saying hello when you pass people.’ Interesting_Shock788

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