The ‘best Brexit explainer ever’ is funny because it’s true

Comedy duo, The Exploding Heads, have a knack of finding the sweet spot that provides the perfect balance between realism and absurdity.

Their recurring characters of Anthony the talk show host, played by Anthony Richardson, and Colin from Portsmouth, voiced by Mark Davison, repeatedly nail the viewpoint of a certain demographic that you’ll recognise instantly.

Here’s Colin’s take on British Covid.

See what we mean?

Their most recent sketch appears, at first glance, to veer towards Gardeners’ Question Time, but it’s so much better than that.

“Let me be very clear. Nobody is hitting their heads with a rake. But, even if they are …”

“And they are.”

“…and they are. They absolutely are.”

Tweeters gave it plenty of love, with reactions like these.

And of course …

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Or you could be part of comedy history by placing a bid on their audio sitcom, Gophers – A Pizza For Emma Bunton, which is the first NFT audio sitcom in the world.


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