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This ‘influencer’ promised more exposure and ended up burnt to a crisp

Leading contender for comeback of the week is surely this one, shared by Redditor jonnymoon5 who said: ‘My dad’s a photographer, this is his most recent client.’

Mega oof. Here are some of the comments it prompted after it went viral on the subReddit, ‘choosing beggars’.

‘The HARDEST of flexes. I love it. What did they have to say back?
‘Wow, 3 times? But how many insta followers do you have? I think I could really help you reach my following, i have over 300 you know.’ LegendaryOutlaw

‘Gotta imagine it’ll be the classic response of “fuck you I was trying to help you, your photography is shit anyway”.’ speculativekiwi

‘My son has cancer and he needs this photograph! You are killing my child if you say no, AND he’s going to cry on his birthday, you monster!’ rockytop24

‘The photos were for the church honey. NEXT.’ dubious_too

And finally …

“I don’t know how to compensate your time…”
‘Money usually works best.’


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Source Reddit u/jonnymoon5

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