‘The First Guy To Ever Wear Contact Lenses’

Comedian and actor, Ryan George, has been taking YouTube and TikTok by storm with his hilarious sketches, detailing awkward and entertaining ‘firsts’.

There was The First Guy To Ever Be An Artist.


The First Guy To Ever Be An Artist

♬ original sound – Ryan George

And The First Guy To Ever Rob A Bank.


The First Guy To Ever Rob A Bank

♬ original sound – Ryan George

Recently, he turned his attention to how the conversation might go just after the invention of contact lenses, and we suspect he’s nailed it.

Here are a few comments people left for Ryan.

I relate to this SO much, Glasses forever.

I literally have laser eye surgery scheduled for this Wednesday so the “is that a threat line” hits hilariously close to home specifically for me.
Luke Matthews

I would trust any doctor that has two mustaches going in different directions like that!
Laugh Boys

TikTok users also loved it.

Ryan tweeted a PSA about the eye chart in the background.

And another update.

Should have gone to Specsavers.


Being a robber in 2020 is complicated

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