This cat fell asleep moving from one basket to the next and it’s today’s most relatable thing

This is hilarious and adorable, but mostly it’s just relatable, deeply relatable.

It’s a video of a cat that fell asleep moving from one basket to the next, shared by 7bottlesofwine over on Reddit and it’s fabulous.

My ridiculous cat fell asleep while moving from one basket to the next. from r/funny

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘Damn dude those look comfy AF I couldn’t choose between them either.’ RugBurnDogDick

‘Never put all your naps in one basket.’ 7bottlesofwine

‘He wanted to make sure you didn’t take one. Typical cat.’ HoboBandit82

‘Came here to say that this cat was simply saying ‘dis basket is mine and dis basket I mine.’ la_peregrine

‘Claim both, enjoy none. Cat logic.’ Joker511

‘Attempt failed successfully.’ NmLudford


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Source Reddit u/7bottlesofwine

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